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What is Curlew Club?

While none of us could have imagined the stratospheric changes wrought by 2020, we can always find the silver lining in every storm. Families have been forced to spend more time together, to enjoy meals at home, and to reassess their lifestyle in a way that will clarify their core values from here on out. The Curlew Club will be an important part of bringing peace and stability to your family. In ordinary life, Moms and Dads feel stressed by the lack of time required to teach or reinforce appropriate behavior while coping with the demands of work and social obligations. In many homes, kids are poorly behaved, anxious and insecure, and fundamentally lacking in the social skills that make life enjoyable. The Curlew Club is your partner in transforming this reality. Parents will align with others who face similar challenges and gain clarity on how to promote cooperation and harmony within their household. We allow your child to find role models and friends who inspire them to be their best. We provide persistent encouragement, and healthy expectations as children build their skills and grow in confidence. We take inspiration from traditional etiquette, from the beauty of nature, and from the infinite possibility that lies within each child. Members of our community will emerge with a positive mindset and the social skills needed to pursue their dreams. They will gain self-awareness of their triggers for rude behavior and be excited about modeling politeness for others. The Curlew Club will help your family take flight!

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