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Welcome  to the Curlew Cotillion Club!
Our mission is to provide opportunities to learn, share, and practice self-confidence, social skills, manners, and etiquette. Our founder, Gregor Lee Pickral, has been inspiring children for over twenty year as a teacher of dance and etiquette. She started Curlew Club to offer a fun, fresh take on proper behavior in the modern world. Our programs and events provide instruction and supplemental materials to educate and entertain, as well as community to connect with like-minded families. We look forward to connecting with you and your child!


What is the Curlew Club?

It is hard to keep track of everything that has changed since we were kids.  Children today spend more time looking at a screen than talking to their friends, and it is getting harder and harder to raise well-mannered young adults who can confidently handle modern social situations.  

Some of us took Cotillion classes when we were kids, but today's kids need to know things like when is it an appropriate time to take a selfie, not how to use a finger bowl or when to wear white gloves.

The Curlew Club provides an action-oriented, age-appropriate atmosphere of positive reinforcement for kids to learn manners in a modern context. 

This is the evolution of etiquette.



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  • More than manners: "Gregor is a teacher who makes everything fun for all her students! She encourages children in a way that really helps them not only with their skill, but also in their self-esteem."

  • A young lady says: "Dear Mom, I love you. I love Curlew Club. I can't wait to go back!"

  • In her own words: "Manners are important to me because I want to be polite. It's important to have good manners so others will enjoy meeting you and invite you places and want to be around you."

  • What I learned at Curlew Club: "Table manners. How to pass food, how to ask politely to ask someone to pass food. How to start a conversation and join a conversation without barging in."

  • Mom of a teenage boy: "My son loved the club and can't wait to go to another event! If that isn't a good recommendation, then I don't know what is..."

  • According to a young gentleman: "Dear Mrs. Pickral, Thank you for the etiquette party. I have learned a lot about being at a table. I hope you are having fun too. Thank you!"

  • Long-term success: "I have trained with Gregor for over ten years. I would not be the person I am today without her.

  • Making Moms happy:

"My daughter loved attending Curlew and is so excited for the Spring Session. She learned to be polite around a table with people she wasn't familiar with and how to write a thank you note. I am so happy a course like this exists!"

  • Why etiquette is essential: "I feel that manners are important today because growing up using proper manners becomes second nature and the child will be a polite adult. I want my child to feel comfortable in different situations/meals and not feel like they are impolite or feel stressed about going because they aren't prepared."

  • Learning for a Lifetime: "This is a great learning experience for all ages. A positive experience for both boys and girls. Gregor is both fun and professional. I enjoyed my time as a chaperone watching everyone feel comfortable in a social setting while learning proper etiquette they will use for life. My daughter gained valuable lessons she is using throughout her life."

  • Experience excellence: "Working with Gregor was a very positive experience for my students. Her ability to see individual strengths and weaknesses, to build confidence and clarity in students is amazing. Everyone, including parents, will benefit from her desire and devotion to excellence, her peacefulness, and humor.

  • Notes from a Top NYC Attorney: "I participated in cotillion with Gregor nearly fifteen years ago, and still value the individual attention she gave each of her students!  She certainly pushed us outside our comfort zones, but made sure that everyone in the room was participating so that no one student felt anxious or embarrassed.

  • Self-discipline and presenting your best self: "My daughter has trained with Gregor for over ten years. Gregor has always been extremely professional and works well with children of all ages. She has taught my daughter so much about dance and etiquette but even more on the personal side. She has taught her how to present herself on stage and face to face with people, as well as self-discipline. Gregor has made my daughter the dancer she is today.





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[ˈkərˌlo͞o, ˈkərlˌyo͞o]


A large, graceful shorebird, the Curlew features a slender, down-curved bill, speckled brown plumage, and a distinctive two-note call. This migratory shorebird alternates between a variety of habitats and walks with a pronounced strut. You will often find them flanked by other Curlews, foraging in shallow wetlands, and walking or running along the shore. They provide a distinctive silhouette in repose, standing upon one leg with their bill tucked under the shoulder.





A club is an association of two or more people united by a common interest or goal. Human beings have joined together since time immemorial to celebrate life, creating elaborate ritual and tradition. Early gatherings often centering around eating or other common pursuits and allowed participants to form bonds outside of family. Today, many types of clubs exist; membership and events may be limited or open to the public.



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