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Effective today August 23, 2023 Curlew Club, Inc. will no longer do business under the brand "Curlew Club."


When we launched the Curlew Club brand in 2018 we envisioned a modern cotillion dance like those of our youth, but with updates to make the lessons more relevant today. As we all know a lot has changed since 2018 and Curlew Club changed to meet the needs of our customers. We went online, expanded into new topics like business etiquette, and added private dance lessons.


This summer we packaged the lessons learned into a new summer camp curriculum and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive!


Students age 8-15 participated in a week long program based on developing skills to improve their life experiences. We worked on four key areas: Self, Society, Dining, and Dancing.


The goals of the program were exceeded and the changes in the students were dramatic. Students learned more than they thought they would, and had more fun doing it than they thought they could. Parental feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and surprisingly broad.


We had so much positive feedback that the negative feedback really stood out as things to address immediately. The biggest thing we heard was that our name is confusing. Secondly we heard that the program we delivered had much more value than an old fashioned cotillion dance. We decided to take action and re-brand our programs to better serve our customers and to widen the audience who can participate in them.


For the next 90 days our team will be reviewing, reorganizing, and relaunching our offerings. We will communicate the changes to you via email and through our social media platforms. You can expect to see changes starting as early as this week on as deprecated programs are removed and others are transitioned to our new brands and new websites are launched. In the meantime here's a link to one of my favorite dance numbers.


Thank you all so much for your support and we look forward to working with you again in the future.



Gregor Lee Pickral, President

Thank you! We will send you an email right before we open!

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